Jim Beam Visitor Center

Jim Beam Visitor Center


Kevco Construction LLC just completed a project at the The Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse visitor center. Check out some of our work there!

Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse
404 South 4th Street – Louisville – KY – 40202

“The Jim Beam American Stillhouse has got more than a few picturesque sights. The building itself is a replica of a 1940’s stillhouse, along with the actual staircase from our original historic stillhouse. Then there’s the rackhouses, limestone water wells, bottling lines, bourbon tasting rooms, and much more. Check out some of our photos to get a feel for the place.”




General Contractor Building For Tomorrow


We view every project through a future-focused lens. This approach challenges us to redefine the way we see, think and work to bring your project to life. We’re here to be your partner. We start off by being good listeners and then find ways to create the most value for your investment. Through our delivery methods, cutting-edge technology, unprecedented safety and leading sustainability solutions, we’re here to make sure we not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

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6 Steps To Planning A Successful Construction Project

There’s a strong temptation to dive straight into home remodeling projects. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be done, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way if you haven’t done some essential planning up front. Each design professional and contractor runs his or her business in a different way, but homeowners usually need to follow the same steps to get to the construction phase.

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